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Hello from us

A rather belated post but better late than never.

Last year we, Jerry and Lisa, came to live here at Kite Hill Yurts, taking up the reins from Kate and Dominic.

It was a long journey here. After more years than we care to remember in the corporate world, we took a year off, which turned into three, and travelled Africa in our trusty Land Rover. We ended up managing a National Park out there (long story)...

Anyway after living under wide open skies and amidst spectacular wildlife we were completely spoiled for the world of offices, meetings and commutes.

We started to look for somewhere we could see the stars and watch the seasons change. Grow our own food and really enjoy everything the natural world has to offer.

We found Kite Hill Yurts...

We are loving it here. We have chickens (you can collect your eggs for breakfast), a small flock of friendly Welsh Black Mountain sheep (with some adorable lambs) and great ambitions for our vegetable plot.

We'd love to share it with you.

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